Street clutches and performance diaphragm clutches have become what we like to refer to as a snake oil market. Most diaphragm style clutch units are simply a variation of a large amount of static pressure from the diaphragm varied by shimming the cover closer or further away from the flywheel In addition to the use various materials in disc construction that simply changes either the amount of applied pressure or friction coefficient. Simply painting a stamped steel cover a different color and arranging the selection of small internal parts in different ways doesn't constitute necessarily a better or worse unit but rather different options for marketing and price variations. We work with our partner companies to produce and design products in the United States to provide new and innovative methods as well as options to best tailor fit each clutch assembly to the user's specific needs based upon they're intended use of the clutch, horsepower, weight, gear ratios, tire size, RPM range and much more. we do not believe in a one size fits all off the shelf approach to any of our customer builds. The clutch should never be rated based solely on the amount of horsepower it is able to hold. factors such as gear ratio, car weight, tire size, suspension type, and environment of use all can significantly change the amount of power the clutch is able to control. This is why we insist on speaking to each customer and providing built to order products rather than off the shelf, cookie cutter, one size fits all units. Allow us to use are a countless years a professional clutch development, design and tuning to best select the product and options best suited to your needs.